Google My Business has been rejecting Google My Business (GBM) post without any clear message. Some have called this as a glitch from Google where others calling as the algorithm being made too strict to follow the guidelines. GBM is an essential part of SEO and businesses post latest activities regularly and suddenly this is been a problem for many.

google my business post rejected

How to post successfully on GBM without being rejected?

Step 1: Make sure you have your own photo when you post on GBM.

Step 2: If you have text on your image then make sure the text in the centre and it doesn’t truncate.

Step 3: Make sure your post writing is unique.

Step 4: You may like to try a different image if you get rejection.

Step 5: The bottom line is, a compelling post with your own creative shouldn’t have any issue going live.

google my business post live

Note: This is based on our trial and error by Why SEO Matters team. Please share your feedback.

1 thought on “Google My Business Post REJECTED – How to Fix?”

  1. thanks for your post but still don’t understand why all of a sudden Google are getting selective about using free stock images. As if a small business can afford to have special photography commissioned. Seriously

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