Search engine optimisation is great. It helps your business to reach out to those people who are searching for your products and services. And it does so in a cost-effective way and in a better way than traditional marketing. Above all, it has the potential of making your business.

But you know that, even though SEO is great, your business will be broken rather than made if you work with the wrong SEO company. Right?

So then, the most important thing you should do is to give lots of efforts in finding the right SEO company for your business. Only then your business will be able to enjoy the benefits of search engine optimisation.

But finding an SEO company that’s right for you can be a difficult task given that there are hundreds of SEO service providers and make lots of irresistible offers like guaranteed number 1 spot within a short time.

That’s why to make your job easier, we have laid out ten things you should consider while choosing the right SEO company for you.

Most Important:

Apart from other factors like good website structure and good quality content, backlinks play a very important role in achieving ranking. So, you must have an in-detail conversation about how the company is going to apply the strategy to get high-quality backlinks.

Warning: Poor and spammy backlinks may put your website in serious position and if you get penalised, remember it’s very hard to go back.

  1. Look at your budget:
    • Before you go out in search of the right SEO team, you have to look at your budget. How much you can spend in SEO campaign of your business? This helps to know if you can afford those big and popular firms or you have to settle with a firm that has affordable prices. Just because a firm is big and popular doesn’t mean it is suitable for you. The suitable one is that which can do SEO for you in a price range you can afford. You can also work with SEO freelancer in Melbourne and get a quality job done at an affordable price.
    • SEO is a time-consuming process and it requires time to do analysis and come up with unique ideas. So if your industry has got more competition, obviously it will require more work. Basic SEO package might not give you return. So go with a medium or higher level of the package. But if your industry does not have much competition, then the basic or standard package may do the job.
  2. Ask for friends’ recommendation:
    • Instead of first going through ads or SERPs, ask your friends if they know any good SEO company. You can put more faith in your friends than any salesman or ad. If they don’t know, then you can ask people within your immediate business or social connection. Chance of finding a good SEO company is greater through this way. And if it turns out no one knows, settle for search engine.
  3. Ask for testimonials, case studies and affiliation:
    • After you have hand-picked a certain number of SEO companies, whether through connections or through search engines, certainly there will be a free consultation. At that time, ask them for testimonials and case studies. Going through them you will know if they are right for you or not. Also good to know if they have any affiliation or regular engagement with leading search engines like Google.
  4. Let Data and Statistics do the talking:
    • Testimonials and case studies are great to determine whether SEO company can deliver results. You know what is even greater, analytics data and statistics. Ask them to show you the analytics data and statistics of other clients they have worked for. I bet you can decide fast and decide well if they are for you or you should pass them out.
  5. What kind of promises and expectations do they give? Realistic or nonsense?
    • One major problem with SEO people is that they promise you a lot. They show you high expectations and in the end, they fail to deliver. And do you know why they can’t give you what you expected? It’s because they promise you unrealistic (or nonsense) things like guaranteed number 1 rank in Google within a certain number of days. But actually no one can guarantee you that. So check if they are giving you some unrealistic promises and creating high expectations in you.
  6. Have they worked with your niche?
    • You might say you don’t give much thought if they have worked with your niche or not. You just need SEO services. But you should know that if a company has experience of working with your type of business, then they know problems and needs specific to your business and can do a great job. Keep in mind it’s not compulsory. A company that hasn’t worked with your industry can also do great SEO.
  7. Are they willing to understand your business deeply? Or are they just ready to fix some technical stuff?
    • Some SEO people think SEO is all that technical stuff. So they can fix any website’s problems easily with their technical skills. But know that SEO is not only that. It requires creativity and understanding of client’s business, niche, problems and needs. One way to know if the company you are getting consultation is right for you is knowing whether they are willing to study and understand your business. If they are, well then you have found your business a great company.
  8. What kind of plan or strategy have they applied or will apply to your campaign?
    • While in consultation, discuss what kind of plan and strategy they apply or will apply to your campaign if you hire them. If the work they do is ethical, which doesn’t break search engine laws, if they will apply a unique strategy for your business, then it’s great.
  9. Talk with other clients:
    • Time for some background check. After the consultation, what you can do is talk directly with other clients they have worked for. You know if clients are happy, then the SEO company can bring happiness for you.
  10. Check their search engine ranking:
    • And one last thing you can do is check their search engine ranking of that SEO company. If they are good at SEO, then they have a good ranking. If SEO firm is at the first page, you can guess they are good at SEO through their ranking. But this one shouldn’t be a strong consideration as every industry differs and they have different competition.

If you are still not sure about choosing the right SEO company, then get advice from a Marketing or SEO consultant who only does consult.

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