You got bad reviews, what next?

Bad reviews add negatively to your online business reputation. With the presence of strong social media sites, it’s likely that your services are defended and reviewed negatively. No matter the number of bad reviews, it’s high time that you think about the next course of action.

It’s crucial to know what people are talking about your businesses and learn your ways to improve. If you have got any bad reviews and if you are thinking what next, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to the handling of reputation, it takes various forms. Keeping this in perspective, let’s roll out some of the negative affliction that your image can get hyped about.

Reviews on Google

As someone anonymously said, “if you produce a product, it will sell.” This was once a very applicable and common thought, but not anymore. In this technology age, the whole business success revolves around reputation and quality service.  Any dissatisfaction in the service and performance, people take it online to share their experience. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes it’s worst.

Bad Google reviews can be anywhere like pointing out flaws in services to bickering about its staffs. It’s common to have a few numbers of unsatisfied customers. But, you need to take your competitors into the scene too. Your competitors could promote negative intentional reviews to wipe you out from the competition.  Are your customers promoting negative reviews?

Reviews on other directory services?

The online businesses also face negative reviews in the directory sites such as Yelp, yahoo, bing, google place, and many more. Directory sites provide listing and generate traffic to these online businesses. In addition to listings, the directory sites also encourage the customers to drop their reviews about the business services. It’s not necessary that customers are content, satisfied and every time gives a positive feedback. There are crucial times when the businesses are downvoted and petrified with negative feedbacks. Have you got any negative reviews in directory sites?

Negative campaign on the blog and social media

Your online presence in a blog and social media can be rewarding as well as backfiring. Now that social media has advanced, the online business needs to proactively participate in this drill. Negative campaigns could get viral and out of control and therefore needs to be timely monitored. Unhappy customers often take it to social media when thrown with poor quality service.

Whether its precaution or action, you can fix this. If you are anyone among the troubled online businesses who are worried about brand image and online reputation, here are the ways to deal with each one of them to protect your online image.

Dealing with bad reviews on Google

While you may feel personally attacked with the negative reviews, it’s essential to remember a few of the points to deal with bad reviews.

  • Never attack verbally with the customers. Treat the unhappy and dissatisfied customers with assuring words. Give them a few offers to resolve the matter. It helps to re-build customers relationship.
  • Engage with customers no matter their reviews.
  • Ask all the satisfied customers to drop in updated reviews to get a positive Google search result.
  • Get a reputed SEO company to deal with the online reputation.
  • Dealing with bad reviews on other directory services

If you have been blacklisted by the customers, then create a strategy to resolve them. Most of the directory sites have their own rules to negotiate such negativities and they all can’t delete and re-do the bad.

But, here are few things you could do to deal with the bad reviews in directory sites.

  • Send them a private response and interact politely with the unsatisfied customers.
  • Kindly correct them if they are wrong.
  • Update your services and ask your customers to give updated reviews.
  • Dealing with campaign review on the blog and social media

In order to deal with negative campaign review on the blog and social media, you can start by creating a positive presence. You could do so by blogging and building your image. Your blogs must deliver the important message i.e. you care about your customers. You can share your knowledge in media sites and connect with the people. By building a strong background profile for yourself and businesses, it is another major step to deal with campaign review on the blog and social media.

Lastly, it is in your hands to understand what a good and bad online reputation could cost. Bad reviews can create crisis whereas good always fosters your business positively. Make sure your online business do not get affected by negative reviews. If you are really having a difficult time managing your reputation online, you could always get a reputed SEO company to do the job for you. But, be wary of fake SEO companies who are more driven by profits than creating value.

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