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Facebook has no-follow all the links outgoing from it. And Google has said that it doesn’t use Facebook social signals (likes, comments and shares) in its search algorithm. It clearly suggests that Facebook links don’t have link juice and this vast social network doesn’t have direct SEO value.

Does this mean you should ditch Facebook from your SEO campaign? The answer is a big NO. Though strong Facebook presence doesn’t directly give SEO boost, there are some indirect benefits which can ensure better ranking.

The Indirect SEO Benefits

High Traffic

Facebook is a great tool to direct traffic to a website. It has both free options and paid feature to do so. Create awesome fan engagement, share links to your website and blog posts and your website will have high target traffic. You can also use sponsored ads to directly drive target users to your website and blog posts. As a result, your website will be getting a large number of visitors.

Low Bounce Rate

When you build an impressive, personalised brand through Facebook and create great fan engagement, users are sure to visit your website for more information and purchases. And it’s been found that users, who get familiar with a brand through social media interaction, are bound to stay more in the brand’s website. This will reduce the bounce rate of your website.

More Back Links

Facebook is a great platform for promotion. It has a wide reach and content can spread in bullet speed. So, when you have written a new blog post or changed website copy or have some great products and services, be sure to promote it through your Facebook page. It can reach a wide audience which can include influencers and bloggers with a large readership. Then they will link back to your website or blog post. There will be not just one but many backlinks. Make sure to do some kick-ass promotion.

Search engines measure these things. They consider the number of visitors a website gets, the length of time visitors stay on the website and the number of backlinks coming to the website in determining the search ranking. If your website gets high traffic, has a low bounce rate and receives more backlinks, then your website will going to have a better ranking.

So, don’t leave out Facebook from your SEO campaign reasoning that it has no immediate SEO value. You have just known there are some great indirect benefits.

Keep the benefits and the tips in mind. Use Facebook more. Hire a digital agency if you need help!

Twitter for SEO

Using Twitter for SEO doesn’t have the same level of value and quick results as using for SEO. All the links in Twitter are no-follow. And the search giant Google has said that their search algorithm doesn’t incorporate Twitter social signals. But these things don’t mean that you should not use Twitter for supporting your SEO efforts. Twitter still can deliver value to your SEO campaign.

Here are some tips on how you can use this microblogging site for getting some SEO benefits.

  • Use Right Username: Make sure the username that you use for your company’s Twitter account reflects your brand or your products and services.
  • Write Good Description: In your Twitter profile, you need to have a good description that provides information in a clear manner. And better to share a link, though no-follow, to your website.
  • Follow Others: In Twitter, you have to follow, so follow. Follow influencers, bloggers with big readership, industry experts and even your competitors. If you do so, there are great chances they will follow you back as well.
  • Strike Up Conversation: Converse with fellow users-your followers and people you follow. By talking with them, you can build good relationships with them.
  • Tweet Links: Make sure that you share links to your blog posts. Also tweet links to some interesting, useful stuff, links to posts written by people you follow. It also has the same effect. If you tweet links to others’ posts, they are also going to tweets links to your posts in return.
  • Run Competitions: Organise competitions and increase follower engagement. This is a great way to make users interested in your business.
  • Tweet with a Good Interval of Time:  You should not tweet again and again with a short gap between two consecutive tweets. This will irritate your followers. Keep a good interval of time between two tweets.
  • Use Appropriate Hashtags: Use appropriate hashtags to organise your content and to help in content discovery. Better to use keywords in hashtags.
  • Tweet Valuable and Interesting Content: Whether you tweet a text or a photo or a video or a link, tweet valuable and interesting ones. If you share crappy content, the number of your followers is going to go down. You don’t want that.

Carefully use these tips. And when you do so, you will build great relationships with customers and influencers alike, you will drive traffic to your website or your blog and earn quality backlinks. And these things will convert into good search ranking.

Go and use these tips. Call us if you need more help.

LinkedIn for SEO

In the past, LinkedIn wasn’t available for publishing long-form posts to all of its users. This privilege was for Influencers. Its members other than these Influencers could, however, posts links to their websites and blogs. But now all of its members can publish long-form posts and share their thoughts.

Well, this is great news and equally great opportunity for SEO professionals. Through this new feature, we can now show our expertise and opinions and earn some quality links.

But this is not the only thing that can be used for SEO benefits. There are many other things you can do.

Below is a list of those things that you can do for SEO.

The things you can do to gain SEO benefits

  1. Complete Your Profile: It might be the simplest thing but it is also the thing most don’t do. Don’t be those guys or businesses with half-done profile and kind of look untrustworthy and careless. Fill each and every box and detail. If you do so, you look professional and credible and real.
  2. Customise Your Profile URL: URL with right words (keywords) is great for SEO. That’s why make sure your profile’s URL doesn’t include numbers and symbols only. You can customise your URL with keywords. So take the benefit.
  3. Use Three-website Links: LinkedIn allows its users to add three links in their profiles. Take its benefit. Fill all those three boxes with links to your website and blog. This three-website link feature is great to drive traffic.
  4. Make Your Profile Public: If your profile is private, then search engines can’t read and index it. So make your profile public.
  5. Follow Others: Others won’t reach to you easily if you don’t reach out to them. So follow others. Follow Influencers, bloggers, competitors and followers. And in return, they will follow you through Influencers might not because they are Influencers. But surely bloggers, competitors and customers are bound to follow you.
  6. Join Relevant Groups: There are groups in LinkedIn. So join them. But the relevant groups related to your industry, products and services. Take part in the discussion and increase reputation and influence.
  7. Ask For Recommendations: LinkedIn has Recommendation feature. So use it. Don’t be shy to ask for a recommendation. Ask friends, colleagues, employees and customers for a recommendation. This feature is great for branding and exposure.
  8. Create Related Connections: I believe you know LinkedIn is a professional networking site. So what makes the most sense is using it for creating related connections. And doing so is great. Create connections and there are great chances of earning some backlinks.
  9. Post, Post and Post: Now we have come to the most important thing you can do to achieve SEO benefits. That is posting. In the past, you could post links but now you could also post long-form posts. So, posts link to your website, to your blog posts and also write long posts that have value.

The facility of publishing is slowly being available to users all around the world. You might not see the pencil icon in the “Share an update” box right now in your LinkedIn profile. But you will see it soon. For you to do long posts, you need to click on this pencil icon.

And use these tips and make sure your LinkedIn profile helps in your SEO efforts.

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