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How to add and verify your business on Google?

Google MpaBig or small business, its always good to add your business on Google so that people can find it easily.

Remember, don’t just add but also verify so that you can get best out of Google search in your industry.

Follow steps below:

Step 1: Make info ready
Make sure you have your business name and address you would like to add. Also, at the end for phone number verification, Google may call you on your land line or mobile number to verify that you are the owner of the number. If you can’t be there at the phone, notify the right person who can receive the call and note down the verification code.

Step 2: Get Started
Go to: and click on Get on GoogleGet on Google




Step 3: Login to your Google account if you are not already logged in.

If you do not have an account, its right time to create one. Also, remember the login info so that you can login later and apply changes as per your need.

Step 4: Search your business if already added by you or someone else.
find your business or add your business on googleStep 5: Gain access or add new business
If you find your business then you can access it. If you don’t know the related account, then you can try claiming it back.
If you don’t find in the list, just click on the list link: Add your business as shown below:














Step 6: Fill the form and add your businessadd your business on google


Step 7: Make sure to verify your phone number. For address verification, Google will send verification code in a postcard.

Good luck.

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