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Top 10 Google local ranking factors. Must implement strategies

top 10 google local ranking factors
We all know SEO changes so fast and new things comes very regularly. Local SEO has also changed alot since old days but there are few things which continue to be dominating factors.

Here are top ten google my business optimisation strategies you must take into account to ensure better ranking for your business.

1. Consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)
It is very important that you display key business information (Name, Address & Phone) consistently across different local directories and other places where these info will be displayed publicly.

2. Choose right category in Google my business
Google has got defined set of categories and its very important to choose the right category so that Google can associate your information accordingly and rank better.

3. Regular engagement on G+ and other channels
Increased activity on Google+ help greatly for Google to identify, business is active and cares about their customers.

4. Ask your customers to review your business on Google
It helps potential customers and also an important signal for Google to rank the business better on Google my business.

5 Respond to reviews
You may get good or bad reviews but responding to those reviews shows you really care about your product and service. So, have an approach to reply to those reviews.

6. Post your business on top local directories
It is worth listing your business on top leading directories like: Yelp, Yellow Pages etc.
Note: Keep your information (NAP) consistent.

7. Focus on quality not quantity
You shouldn’t focus on how many places your listing appears but rather how quality full those listings are. Well optimised limited number of listings may perform better than tonnes of poor quality listings.

8. Get enough local (geo) signals
High quality local signals helps greatly to rank business better in Google local.

9. Local area name in actual business name
If you already got your business running don’t think about this too much but if you are planning to start a new business having local area name in the actual business can be helpful to rank well in Google local. Important: this shouldn’t be deciding factor for choosing business name. This is one of several dozens of ranking signals.

10. Service-area businesses on Google
Not all businesses got storefront. Some operate from home and some are mobile. If your business serves customers at their location, you should list it as a service area business on Google.
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If you got a business and you need better results then you may consider hiring an SEO company to do these for you.

Also, Moz is great place to learn local SEO.

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